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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Is It Photography?

I grew up in the age of gamers. There was always a video gaming system of some kind in my house, and when I had some free time to kill I spent a lot of it playing one game or another. Driving games were always one of my favourites, and when driving simulators came around they were always more fun due to the realism. I guess that's the main reason why a while ago I splurged and picked up a new game called Gran Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3. I figured some ME time just driving around some fancy cars would be relaxing, and it sure is. What is even better is that I recently noticed this game has something even more dear to my heart built right in. Photography! That's right, with a click of a button you can pull out a camera, move around, compose your shot, adjust all the necessary settings (full manual control!) and shoot some purely digital shots. So I ask you, would you consider this photography? Or is it Art? Or is it just gaming? I like to think of it as a form of Completely Digital Photography, because not only do you get digital photos, with a digital camera, but the subject matter is even created digitally. I guess it's a mix of photography meeting art mixed in with some CGI. All I know is that it's quite fun, and gives me a way to play with more photography, even when it's cold outside!
Check out some of the "photos" I got with the completely digital photography system built into this fun game, and leave me a comment if you think this is, or isn't, "Photography".

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