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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sir John Carling Building Demolition

Built in the late 1960's the Sir John Carling building was reduced to rubble in less than 20 seconds today. It's not every day that you get to see a controlled building implosion, so along with hundreds of other people in Ottawa I woke up early and headed down to Dow's lake to capture the show. It was pretty interesting to see a building just disappear from the skyline that quickly. The rain started up about 10 minutes before the implosion, but thankfully I brought along my Kata Rain cover to keep my gear dry. Check it out in the video below, and I've slowed it down for you in the replay starting at the 50 second mark.

Exif Data
Camera: Canon 5D mkII
Aperture: f/6.3
Exposure: 1/125
Focal Length: 200mm
Flash: Not-Fired
ISO: 800
RODE VideoMic
Kata E-702 Rain Cover
Post processing included some video editing including slowing it down to 25% normal speed

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Website Down

-=UPDATE: My website is currently back up and running. I expect that there may still be some drop outs now and then untill everything gets put back into place so if it is please use my email below if you are trying to contact me. Thanks!=-

Unfortunately, my host for the main website is experiencing some DDOS attacks and as such they have currently been taken offline. My website is therefore also currently down until they can fix these issues and bring it all back to life. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I expect the website to return shortly. If you have any issues and need to contact me while this issue is being resolved please email me directly at fernmatias@gmail.com I will update this post as soon as they get us back up and running. Thanks for your patience.