Welcome to my photoblog. I try to keep it updated daily with a new photo from either my personal or professional life. It is not intended to be taken as my professional portfolio (please visit the main website for that), but instead it is more of an informal and fun way for me to share some of my personality and creativity with you. Many of the photos on my blog are available for purchase as fine art prints, please visit the main website and/or contact me if you are interested. Enjoy!



Jeffrey Meyer Photography - Ottawa Photographer | Jeffrey is a local photographer that I often work with on larger Weddings and odd jobs. Our photographic style is slightly different, but they compliment each other extremely well!
Altagracia Espinosa - Ottawa Photographer | Altagracia is an experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly photographer.
Neil Creek - Melbourne Photographer | Neil Creek is a well known and fantastic photographer. His blog is full of photography tips and tricks.
Delineations of Eye - Huntington Beach California Photographer | I have been following Aaron's blog for a while now and enjoy his style. As a fellow nature/outdoor photographer he usually has lots of wonderful animal shots.

Photography Related:

PhotoBlogs.com | A fantastic website with thousands of photoblogs for inspiration.
Digital Photography School | A fantastic website for anyone interested in learning more about photography.
The Perfect Pose | A useful website on positioning people for all types of photography.
Trail Canada | Wildlife photos from all around Canada.

Local Businesses:

Ink Blossom | Unique, hand drawn, custom invitations and artwork.

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